Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – 8.5g/.03oz

Benefit Roller lash mascara

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I have not seen a mascara hyped like this in a LOOOOONG time.  This is the new creation from the amazing company, Benefit.  Yes, I bought into it because I saw so many youtubers loving it.  I decided to try it out for myself.  This mascara is the “Roller Lash” Mascara.  It is specially designed to curl your lashes without using a eye lash curlers (Notice the old school roller on the handle for the wand!).  The instructions show that by using the back side of the wand it will actually lift and curl your lashes.  It actually works!  I was very skeptical.  I am also not the biggest fan of  plastic wands.  I find that this type of wand does not give me the fullness especially on the ends of my fine -white -pathetic lashes.  I usually go for the ones that are full of little bristles and are concave like to give me maximum volume.  I like the thick not natural looking lashes.  This wand was awesome for curly and lifting my lashes at the roots.  The way they designed the wand and how the mascara  wipes off from the tube gives the perfect amount of product.  (Many times the rubber wands can carry massive amounts of extra product… no thank you).  I really loved the ease it was to build up at the base of the lash.  The formula even on its own was creamy, smooth but dried well.  It lasts a LOONG time too.  It does not flake or move all day. It comes off so easy with just my face wash.  You do not have to go in with a heavy duty eye makeup remover. The wand makes getting all the little lower lash hairs so easy.  There is just one thing that I had trouble with using this mascara wand.  I wasn’t able to really add volume to the ends of my lashes.  I found that they would not spread out  for more volume but instead stayed slicked and together.  I ended up using this as my “primer” to plump up the base, curl my lashes,  and get my lower lashes before going with a more fluffy brush to get that spread and volume for my ends.  This is my personal opinion.  Again it has been highly rated and I know that many people love rubber designed wands.  I REALLY want to love this mascara more. The design is fantastic and the formula alone is wonderful, but for $24.00.  YES… $24.00 I expected it to floor me.  Would I buy this again? I don’t think I would spend that much money on a mascara I end up using as a primer.  It so kills me like I said because I wanted to love this mascara and name it my Holy Grail.  It just was not meant to be.  (PS.  This never caused me any type of irritation to my super sensitive eyes).

xxxtinaBenefit Roller Lash Mascara – 8.5g/.03oz