MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 – 1.3 fl oz/40mil

Mac Studio Sculpt

Hands down my favorite MAC foundation! I have bought this a few times. The standard size for most foundations is 1 oz. This one is 1.3oz so it will last longer. It’s a very creamy, hydrating foundation. It has a gel base which is so great for dry (even mature) skin. It has a medium buildable coverage. So start with a very small amount and build up (this is a great tip for all foundations and makeup.  You can always add.  Much harder to take it off.)  I love to apply this and buff it into the skin using a flat top buffing brush or a stippling brush. It almost melts into your skin and creates a flawless base. The finish is not super dewy but luminous. It may stay tacky for a few minutes while is sets.  It has an SPF of 15 that is a great addiction to protecting your skin.  This foundation will have a slight flash back when you take a picture with flash.  You can always powder to pulls this down a little.  It lasts all day. I used to wear this for my long days at the salon. I buy NC15 which is one of the lightest colors you can buy.  If you go to the counter, ask to try the colors on.  The makeup artists that work the counters have ALWAYS been so nice to me! Take advantage of being able to match your makeup instead of just guessing at the drugstore.

xxxtinaMAC Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 – 1.3 fl oz/40mil