My AIP (Or the Autoimmune Protocol Diet) Journey: Week 2



The beginning of the week was great! I had a huge loss in my waist line. I am down 4.5 inches in less than 2 weeks. I am not swelling with edema like I was at all or bloating. I did some yoga 2 times this week and went for a walk this Saturday. I also did A LOT of hair. As in go to work for 8 hours then do another 3 -4 hours of hair. I noticed I was extremely tired mid week. I don’t think I am getting enough sleep during the week, or possibly my body wants way more sleep. The sleep I am getting seems to be restful but my body wants a few more hours. I had an ok appetite most of the week but there was a day or two where my stomach was very blah. Nothing sounded appetizing and I was not hungry. I haven’t posted anything daily on Instagram or Facebook just because I didn’t see any huge changes from day to day. And I thought I was annoying people with my posts. Well that and I feel like I have lost my personality because I am so blah.

I miss coffee so much. I really want a cup of coffee. I freely admit my addiction to it. And like I said I don’t even drink fully caffeinated. Tea is awful. I have tried so many kinds and they all either taste like dirty foot bath water or cardboard soaked hot water. I will never be a tea drinker at heart. I love my cup of coffee. I am counting down the days.

A huge thing that hit me this week was that because we are preparing our foods and 99.5% is not processed or premade is we aren’t wasting food. We are eating what we buy and it’s not going to waste. Every week we would be cleaning out the fridge. But doing this diet has really made us eat EVERYTHING we buy and we are reusing stuff too. Like if I make bacon I save and strain the fat to use. I made some bacon this morning and used some of the fat to put on a roasted chicken. Then I will take the bones from roasted chicken and make stock. Nothing is getting wasted. It is also weird to go shopping and not shop in the middle of the store at all. You really only shop on outskirts. You are living off the meat and produce section.




Shopping this week was a breeze. We were so much quicker than last week. I was impressed. And there were Free Range Chickens (no antibiotics and a vegetarian diet) on sale. I never knew I would be that happy and excited about a Free Range Chicken being on sale. (I am so turning into a hippie.) After roasting this one I was blown away by the quality of it. I have made a few different recipes like Banana bread and a Crusty AIP Bread my husband likes to use for turkey burgers. I also made this AIP Apple Slab Pie that is great for breakfast. I don’t really feel deprived. I just miss different flavors and tastes. Many things taste the same. For instance the lack of fresh ground black pepper is a biggie. But that is one of the first things to reintroduce into your diet after 30 days or when you are feeling better.

I did (by luck) at one store find some vegetable chips and plantain chips. They are the correct veggies on the AIP Diet (beets, cassava, parsnips, plantain, and sweet potato). They are only made with Non-hydrogenated Palm oil. I was so happy to find these at the store. They are like you are treating yourself because they are so crunchy and you are getting your veggies in. So that is the only thing that I am eating that has been premade.

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I am down 15.5 inches since I started and I am still maintaining a 6 pounds weight loss. I can see a shift in my body composition. I can also tell that something is going on with my hormones because my skin is acting very odd. I would like to get some walks in this week for sure. I am not discouraged just slightly disappointed that I haven’t dropped more weight this week. But like I said I have always had issues with my hormones. I see this being much better next month once things are more calmed down and my stomach heals.

I have seen a lot of people taking an interest in their own health, and asking me questions. Like I said – I am blogging to help others. I know a lot of people want to be healthier but it’s up to you to take care of your health. Some of our friends are even starting the diet for themselves this Monday. I am so excited to see how they do!!

Until Next week, I hope this blog gets you asking questions and seeking answers for yourself. <3

xxxtinaMy AIP (Or the Autoimmune Protocol Diet) Journey: Week 2

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