My AIP (Or the Autoimmune Protocol Diet) Journey: Week 3



Week 3 was not a good week. I will not lie. Or sugar coat it. It was downright miserable. (OK one day I went out with a good friend from the salon I worked at. That was nice!) I was mentally gone. I had no concentration and was trying my hardest to keep busy at work because I didn’t want to be behind. I was extremely tired. I felt like I was chasing sleep all week. If I did manage to get my butt in bed early, I kept waking up at different points in the night. And then that’s when my mind would race with anxiety. My hunger was almost nonexistent. Nothing was appetizing. I had to make myself eat something. By Friday night I was in bed by 8:30 and sleep by 9:15. That night I got over 11 hours of sleep. I woke up the next day and felt amazing!! FINALLY! So when you read that sleep is essential with this diet, it is very TRUE. You have to get sleep. Your body is in such a state of healing. You need to get your sleep so that it helps with your hormones and inflammation. I have gotten 3 days of good sleep and I truly feel so much better.


I am down over 16.5 inches and 10 pounds. People think I was heavy because I sit around and eat fast food and junk all the time. No I don’t. But when your body is inflamed you will have bloating and inflammation everywhere. Anything I ate was not being digested. Just a note to people that think it’s crazy how many inches I have lost. That’s what happens when your body starts healing.
This week is super short. I wasn’t going to post anything at all because it wasn’t positive or uplifting but I am blogging about my journey with the AIP Diet to give people a realistic idea of what you may go through.
Thank you again for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps! Week 4 is looking like it will be a breeze. *fingers crossed*

xxxtinaMy AIP (Or the Autoimmune Protocol Diet) Journey: Week 3