My AIP (Or the Autoimmune Protocol Diet) Journey: Week 4


Week 4 is DONE! And 30 days is DONE! Day 30 was 3/15/16.   This last week flew by. But I almost cracked and went to the coffee shop over town to get a latte. They make their own almond and coconut milk. And the coffee flavorings are all homemade too. Toasted Hazelnut latte. That’s all I needed all week from there. But I was good. I didn’t want to be but my husband is the Paleo Police so I stuck it out. Other than us both going nuts for coffee, the fourth week went very smooth. We have the shopping and cooking down. Now I have been eating the same thing for dinner just because I do really like it and it checks all the boxes for me. I have kept with Tilapia with dill and lemon. I have also been eating fried plantains with my quick guacamole. I tried a few new things but really stuck to a lot of the same things I found I like.
At the end of the 30 days I knew I would not be healed completely or become skinny overnight. I am down 18 inches and due to my friend this time of the month I am back up a few pounds. I can see the progress in the pictures I took. (I don’t plan on sharing those until another month or two). It takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to burning on fats and protein instead of carbs and sugar plus detoxing. I really didn’t start feeling back to my joking and fun self until this past week. And I have found the more restful your sleep is the quicker you notice you are feeling better and are more like yourself again. I want to keep up with the diet. I can tell that my inflammation is way better and under control. Hormones are still spiking and going crazy. I can usually tell when estrogen is dominant just by my face. The texture of my skin drastically changes and my skin gets very blotchy. These wonderful hormones have been an increasing issue for me the last 10years. I need to get the weight and fat off of me to help control it but hormones can also prevent you from losing weight. This would explain what happened to me the last 10 years. I had lost the same 10 pounds at least 400 times. (It’s why I look like I live on fast food but truly don’t touch the stuff). This diet popped up in my research about hormones and also the lower intestinal infection I had in January. I read so much explaining when the stomach and digestion were healthy it would help regulate many of the body’s hormones and inflammation.
I have had many people come up to me and say “Oh I could never do that diet”. And it’s not about taking something away and depriving yourself. It’s about taking control and giving yourself the chance to feel better. Taking care of yourself. I really like french fries, cream cheese, brownies and pepperoni pizza. But I will tell you that nothing compares to feeling better. (And I am not craving sugar!!) What I have gone through I would not wish upon my worst enemy. So giving up a few different foods is not a problem. I just want my coffee. The diet is unique for each person that follows it. You could feel better in 3 weeks or might not feel better for 6-25 weeks. The book is a loose guide but again everyone is going to have their own time line for healing. I see myself on the diet for at least another 60 days or so. I would like to add back some more veggies and eggs. I will be staying away from grains and dairy for a bit longer. And gluten is out of the question.
I am not completely concerned about weight. It’s a number that is a composition of fat, muscle, bones, water, tissues, etc. I am concerned about inches and how my clothes fit. Before I started this diet I was barely fitting in my clothes. Now I am able to put my clothes on and I am fitting into a few things that I haven’t worn in a while. That is the progress I like to see! I have always had a hell of a time trying to find clothes to fit me.
My energy level has sky rocketed. This week has been so much better. I have to watch myself though. This would be the time I start going crazy at the gym and then I start having problems again. I REALLY miss squats and deadlifts at the gym. I love lifting. I am not sure if I will be able to return to those because there is a big correlation with strenuous exercise and inflammation. I was at the gym yesterday and had to knock the intensity down on the elliptical. It’s like a high to go ham at the gym. Since the weather is nice and I have a desk job I have been trying to go for walks on my lunch breaks. That seems to definitely be helping. The whole thing is about consistency not about killing it one day and not doing anything for 5 days. I want to start doing some more body weight exercises to keep some muscle on me. I have been following Melissa Bender. She has a TON of free workouts on Youtube. No equipment needed. I recommend checking her channel out.
I hope – to the 4 people that have checked out my Blog posts on this – that it helped. I hope that more people through any of my posts on FB or Instagram think more about their health and what they are eating. For me the Journey continues.

Thank you,
Christina <3

xxxtinaMy AIP (Or the Autoimmune Protocol Diet) Journey: Week 4