My Current Skincare Routine (March 2016)

Before you spend a ton of money on new foundation and a bunch of other makeup to cover up your blemishes or skin issues… start with some skincare. I NEVER sleep in makeup. I can’t. And I won’t. It’s the simple things that really make the biggest differences. Wash your face in the morning and wash your face in the evening. My nighttime routine starts with some avocado oil to emulsify all my makeup off. I love lots of mascara and gel eyeliner. I find that the avocado oil just helps get all my makeup off my face. PhotoGrid_1457385788543

I have used numerous types of eye makeup removers and makeup wipes but I find that the oils are like a treatment and I never have any type of allergic reactions from them. You can also use olive oil, jojoba, or coconut oil. I massage the oil all over my face. Ever so gently I will concentrate on my eye makeup. I let it sit for a minute while I climb into the shower. As soon as I get in the shower I get a wash cloth and wash all the oil off with just warm water.  I then wash my face with Oil of Olay gentle clean foaming Face was that is for sensitive skin. This has no fragrance and no oils. I use this cleanser to make sure my skin is nice and clean.PhotoGrid_1457385609033

I also follow it up with a lemon/sugar/honey/olive oil scrub on most days. This has been my savior for this past winter when it was so dry out. The lemon is like a light alpha hydroxy peel that helps with skin cell turn over. The sugar is an exfoliant. I use a very light hand with this. The oil olive and honey are fantastic as humectants with your skin. The scrub really just helps to refresh and restore you face. You can use this as a body scrub too. Once I get out of the shower I use a very gentle toner on a cotton round to get all the rest of any makeup or any remaining dirt off your face. Take your time to get your T zone or any problems areas. The toner just helps get the rest of the dirt/makeup and preps your skin for your moisturizer. PhotoGrid_1457385991550PhotoGrid_1457386029649


For moisturizer, I like to layer at night. I start with Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advance Anti- Aging Serum. This soaks in pretty quickly.PhotoGrid_1457385839252

Then, I massage 5 drops Rosehip oil all over my face, neck and declate’. (Yes, it’s orange. But the true rose hip oil is that color. It doesn’t stain you skin but you look odd for a minute while it soaks in.) Rosehip oils is said to be the magic hydrating and anti- aging oil especially for wrinkles. I just added this into my skincare routine and I am so happy I did. I noticed that my forehead looks much more hydrated and any little wrinkles I was getting are smoothing out. Anyways, I massage this in for a good minute at least.


While that is soaking in I will brush and floss my teeth. Then as an under eye, eyelid and lash growing treatment I take a few drops of Caster oil on my finger tips and gently massage it in.

I know this seems like a lot and also I am using anti aging serum. I started taking care of my skin right before I got married. Which I would have been 23 years old. Yes, I was using anti aging serums and everything then. It’s about prevention. I did very slightly tan for my wedding but that’s because I am the color of paper and didn’t want to blend completely in with my dress. Now I do not go out in the sun unless I have a very high SPF on or a hat. I am not trying to age any faster or burn. I think as I am getting more comfortable in my 30’s you can clearly see a difference with my skin compared to others my age. You can see the girls that lived in the sun in their early 20’s.
My morning routine is very simple. I get up and wash my face with my all time favorite face wash. It’s LUSH’s Angles on Bare Skin. It’s soothing, calming and just so refreshing. I do I quick wash with that and then I again apply the Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advance Anti- Aging Serum and some Embryolisse Lait- Crem Concentre to hydrate and prep my skin for my makeup. I just find this combo helps keep my skin hydrated under my foundation all day. I let that all soak in while I get my coffee ready before I start with my makeup.
I find that really taking the time to treat your skin goes a long way. I have tried so many products. I find that this combo has been so fantastic for my skin. I think because the oils are so nurishing for your skin. Please do your research. I believe in my earlier posts I stated that Avocado oil with actually help balance the oil production in oily skin. Again research more your self! I have had no allergic reaction to them like I used to with many moisturizers. But find what works for you and WASH YOUR FACE and take care of your skin.  <3

xxxtinaMy Current Skincare Routine (March 2016)