My Testimony – My Healing Journey with the Most AMAZING Naturopath

The below is a testimony I wrote for my journey about my health and my Naturopath Tina.  Funny thing is I wanted to started this blog about how fed up I was at no one helping with my health.  And to share my story for others.  I wanted to help others who may be facing the same challenges I did with my health.   Tonight I went for a check and  I had they best report/evaluation ever!  I actually had the best one she has seen this year.  My body is balancing out.  I am enjoying my life now.   I have definitely turned a 180.  If you want to know more about my journey. Please let me know.  You can message me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Links on my homage. Leave me questions.  I would love to help you!!

I really wanted to share how incredible Tina and her husband Dan are.  I have the link for their website below.  Please check it out!  She actually does phone consultations on Tuesdays.  So if you are unable to make it to her she can still help you in the comfort of your own home.            (cut and paste this into your browser)




Before I started my healing journey with Tina and Dan Rupp I found myself staring down a hallway with no more doors left to open. Each door I had tried to open was either locked or slammed in my face. I was looking for answers or someone to just listen to what was happening to me with my health. Each time I was standing in front of the next door, I thought I would find some relief. Or some sort of future for what I could do. I was wrong. I was having quite a few issues hormonally. I knew my body was “off” for quite a few years and was getting worse. I was constantly tired after sleeping hours and hours. I was beyond moody. I was depressed. I craved sugar. Caffeine was my comrade. My weight ballooned and I swelled up constantly. My first stop, as many others would do, was to go my family doctor. They are a “doctor”. They know everything…. I found myself trying to describe and convince the doctor that what was happening to me wasn’t right. I felt awful. Why am I swelling? Why am I exhausted? Why can’t I lose weight? Why does my body not seem to process my food? I was sent for some blood work. The blood showed that I was “within the normal range” and that I was “fine”. I was told I just needed to cut my calories down and exercise more. This cycle of going to the doctor went on for over 6 months. I became a pin cushion for blood work. The phlebotomists knew me by name. Everythme the test would come back as “normal”. Finally, I asked for a referral to an Endocrinologist. I mean they specifically studied the hormones of the body??! They should know the relationship of the body’s function I was wrong again. I was so excited to talk to a “professional” about everything. I was finally going to get my answers. AMEN. The doctor selectively listened to about 1/3 of what I was saying. He had already judge/diagnosed me the second he walked through that door. I was just a chubby little girl and simple needed to stop eating so much and work out more. I needed to stop whining. I was already working out like mad and eating a limited calorie diet. He told me I needed to eat even less and run 5 miles a day. He said that I would always be heavy no matter what I did. He also said since my Mom had Diabetes I would have it too. He told me to join Weight Watchers which was weird because I already had. Twice. Beyond the fact he barely listened to me, he talked down to me like I didn’t know anything. I cried in his office and begged him for help. I begged he would do more tests or something to help me. He agreed do a few more tests and just dismissed me after. I have a letter still hanging on my refrigerator from him. It’s a reminder, to myself, of a “professional” who went to school for years to help people just like me but could not have given a second thought about my health or helping me. So – back to the family doctor to plead for another referral. I had to wait 4 months to see this Endocrinologist. Meanwhile, my poor and unbelievable loving husband was still by my side. He is the support that kept me still seeking the truth and answers. What was I going to do for 4 months? I joined the gym and began running 2-3 miles every morning. I was literally killing myself. I was determined to get this weight off and feel better. I lost 2 pounds. 2 pounds??!! I had exhausted myself to the point where coffee and I were no longer just comrades. We were one and the same. It was the ONLY thing that got me up and moving. I chugged it constantly just to make it through the day. And would end up never sleeping because my mind would be in hyper overdrive by the end of the day yet my body felt it had been through hell and back. I finally went and saw the second “specialist”. And I wasn’t talked down to as much. But unless they could specifically label and diagnose me, they couldn’t do anything for me. And what I was going through was not something you fit into a nice little description box. After that last appointment, I faced the truth that I would be living in this hell for the rest of my life. When you can barely wake up because you didn’t sleep the night before or the previous 3 years, when all you do is ache from the crazy swelling, your PMS is so out of whack, you only have 3 good days a month where you feel some resemblance of your old self… you tend to get extremley depressed. I actually had no enjoyment out of my day to day life. It was not because I didn’t have an amazing Husband, or a family that didn’t care. It was because I had no quality of life. I honestly didn’t know how much more I could take. But there was something that still kept me going. Something that told me I would somehow find a way to listen to my body. I had begun to research and read about hormones and diet and the body’s whole connection. I knew that there was an alternative way to heal myself. I could draw the endocrine system from memory at one point. My problem was I couldn’t connect the pieces. I was in this limbo for 2 more months when I was sitting down to dinner with my husband and my in-laws. My mother-in-law mentioned that her boss’s wife is seeing this Naturopath. She said she has been doing wonders for her when doctors were unable to help her. She gave me the number. I remember staring at it for at LEAST 2 weeks. Then I said “what the hell?”. I called and left a message. The next day and lovely gentleman, Dan, Tina’s husband called and set up an appointment with her. I tried to not get my hopes up because I had already been let down so many times in the past…. But I still had to believe that there was a way to connect the dots. One more door to knock and try to go through. One more door that may hold some answer to what was going on with my body. I had my husband take me. And I believe I had a list of what I was going through. I didn’t want to forget anything. When I arrived at their home office I was greeted with a warm smile as we began our introductions. I was of course excessively nervous. I had no idea what to really expect. Tina didn’t just listen to what I was saying. She heard me. She heard what was I saying because she cared what I was going through. Tina almost knew what I was going to say next. As she performed her evaluation she explained what my body was going through. No one has EVER taken the time to first off hear what I was having issues with but she was able to start connecting the dots for me. A foundational tool Tina uses is vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals are a healing force we forget have so much power. She laid out a whole plan specifically tailored to what my body needed as well as what I needed to do. Dan is the perfect complement to everything Tina does. He has helped so much with my back and shoulders from all the crazy hours of work. They are an amazing team. If you are honest and put in 110%. They will do the same to help you. After that first appointment I didn’t need to look back at the hallway of closed doors. I was able to walk through this door and not ever look back. I was starting a healing journey with Tina and Dan at my side. I have been seeing Dan and Tina for over 3 years now. I wake up rested and happy for the day. I enjoy my day to day life. I have a body that has healed and come along way. I have also learned how to listen to my body. I am forever grateful for everything they have done for me. Sincerely, Christina F.

xxxtinaMy Testimony – My Healing Journey with the Most AMAZING Naturopath