No. 7 Extravagent Volume Mascara

No7 Extravagent Mascara

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Let me begin by introducing many of you to No.7 products.  They are from the Parent brand BOOTS.  It is a British brand and store.  We have a US BOOTS store online but it is NOTHING like the British one.  I have written to them asking to either ship to the US or add more of their amazing products to the US version of their site.  For some of the items, like this mascara, you can get at your local Target… PHEW!  (Check out the skin care too its pretty nice and not that expensive).   I can use 2 different “drugstore” mascaras and they do not cause me any allergic reactions.  The first is any of the Almay mascaras.  They are OK.  I don’t think they set well and you can not layer them. The second is featured above: The No.7 Extravagant Volume Mascara.  It is AMAZING for $7.00!  I find the wand does have a ton of product which I will wipe back into the container or on a tissue.  The bristles are like a bottle brush.  I have fine eyelashes and this will grab them at the root and lift them.  (PRO TIP: Gently rock the mascara wand at the root or base of the lash.  This is where you want to build your volume.) I am able to build up the mascara so easily.  It does not take layer after layer.  I find that with the bristles going all around the tip I can get into the inner corners and outer corners extremely well.  It will give volume and lengthen and is slightly clumpy because of this.   I find with this brush I am able to get my bottom lashes coated as well.  This brand also makes other mascaras that are pretty nice. The display at the store will have what each brush looks like so there is no guessing.  I just find I really love the wand on this one.  It works the best for giving me those thick lashes without having to add false lashes.  Especially for everyday.  This mascara does not move.  There is no flaking or smudging.  Once its on, you are good to go.  It almost sets like a waterproof mascara.  I recommend a good eye makeup remover (Boots Expert brand has a great one and so does Almay) to get this off.  So you are not scrubbing your eyes and ruining you beautiful lashes.   One warning this product does contain a few parabens.  So keep that in mind and be your own judge of ingredients.  Will I purchase this products again.. YES!  I find this is my Holy Grail for drugstore mascara.  (PRO TIP#2-  I say this and people never listen…. CURL YOUR EYELASHES!!!  You will be surprised at how much longer they really are.  I kid you not.   It only takes about 10 seconds per eye. Try it for a week and see the difference.)

xxxtinaNo. 7 Extravagent Volume Mascara