NOW 100% Caster oil – 16 oz/ 473 mil


Castor oil

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I bought this after reading about the restorative effect it had on hair. There were claims for helping hair growth and restoring elasticity in the form of a deep conditioning treatment. I even read about it helping to grow your eye brows and eyelashes safely with no harsh allergic reactions. I, like many blondes, out there have over done many things to my hair to “compromise” its integrity. I am also always looking for something that is a bit more natural and has names I can pronounce. This is very thick oil and for that reason I would mix a little Olive Oil or Coconut Oil before applying it to your hair. I simple applied it to my hair dry so that it would soak up the most product. I will put it on for 30 mins sometimes when I want a quick treatment before I take a shower and shampoo. But on the weekends when I am in major cleaning mode and not leaving the house, I will leave it in for most of the day. You may need to shampoo a few times and a little goes along way. I especially love this for the intensely dry winters we get up here in PA. I have extremely fuzzy curly hair that has been lightened *cough* a few times *cough*. It helps tame and condition my hair for better manageability. I have been using this on my eyelashes at night. I recently had a horrendously bad break out of Eczema on my eyelids and my eyelashes took a hit. Once the area was completely cleared up I use a clean disposable mascara wand and brush it on the top and bottom lashes. I have seen a difference in the past few weeks. I believe for the full effect you need to use it for at least 6-12 weeks. That will get you through most of the growth cycle with you lashes. Please keep in mind that some people are allergic to this particular oil. Be careful first and foremost. I bought this off of Amazon for less than $10.00 with my Prime shipping. This particular brand is NOW. I have a few things from them they are amazing! You can also get it at local vitamin shop (I need to do post for best places to buy skincare, haircare and makeup). But if you do try this out, please message me or post on any of my social media sites. I would love to hear what you think of it too!

xxxtinaNOW 100% Caster oil – 16 oz/ 473 mil