NOW Solutions Moroccan Red Clay Powder 100% Pure- 6 oz/170g

Red clay mask

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This is an amazing detoxifying mask that is definitely budget friendly.  Red Clay contains a high quality of vitamins and minerals to help hydrate the skin. It is supposed to help with evening out  skin tone, rosacea and broken capillaries.  It will help brighten and tighten the face.  It also helps control oil.   I was moseying around one of my favorite places to find affordable and natural skincare products:  The Vitamin Shoppe!  I am not kidding.  It has such amazing products.  You can get the same ones at Whole Foods, but they always cost more.  An example would be I bought this mask for $6.99!  I have seen very similar products for up to 5 times as much.  (I will have a post in the future of my favorite places to shop for skincare and makeup.)  Anyways,  I decided to pick up the mask and try it out.  The label said it was specifically for Sensitive Skin types. This particular one is a powder.  You wash your face and then mix the mask with water in a 1:1 ratio.  And then apply.  You will look ridiculous… I know.  But trust me.   You leave it on for about 15- 20 mins.   You will see the mask  start drying on your face and go from a dark clay color to a light cocoa powder color.  It does get a little tight. To take it off I wet a wash cloth with fairly warm water and lay in on my face.  It will rehydrate the mask and allow you to take it off with out scrubbing. I use it a few times a month. My skin feels extremely clean and not gunked up from makeup.  You feel like you have a fresh face again! The next time I may add some Castor oil, Coconut oil , Almond Oil or even Vitamin E oil for a even more hydrating effect.  If you do try this let me know!  But please be careful and be aware that some people are allergic to red clay.  Would i purchase this again?  Yes… but it may be awhile because this stuff lasts a long time.

xxxtinaNOW Solutions Moroccan Red Clay Powder 100% Pure- 6 oz/170g