Pur Minerals Skincare- SOAK IT UP Intense Hydrating Moisturizer – 2oz/59.15 mil & M.M.C (Mineral Moisture Complex) Anti- Aging Moisture Complex (not pictured) – 2oz/59.15 mil

pur Mineral Soak it up

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I decided to review these two moisturizers together because I tried them so close together. They both come from the Pur Minerals Skincare line. They also have a fantastic makeup line that has WOWed me. Their products are not tested on animals. They are paraben free and gluten free. They are also Eco-friendly and “good-for-your-skin ingredients that not only help cover skin imperfections but also help correct its overall appearance.”. Which I agree. And the packaging is adorable.

SOAK IT UP Intense Hydrating Moisturizer (pictured above). It is a light weight oil free hydrating moisturizer. The truth is in the name SOAK IT UP. It literally disappears into your skin. It’s like drink of water for your face. I used this product during our crazy dry winter. My skin goes CRAZY right after Christmas until the beginning of February every year. My face will completely dry out from the heaters running and lack of moisture in the air. It is also extremely sensitive. SOAK IT UP helped calm how angry my face had become. I would put two layers on at night. It feels like there is a little silicone but I assure you it is amazing and will hydrate your skin without feeling like an oil slick. This moisturizer is meant to hydrate the skin and it truly does. My only concern with this moisturizer is the fact that it was not technically anti-aging. It did what I wanted but after my crazy episode was over I wanted something to help with some of my fine *cough* lines *cough* I may be getting. So that is why I bought the other moisturizer.

M.M.C (Mineral Moisture Complex) Anti- Aging Moisture Complex is amazing on your skin. I love it! I have noticed a difference in my skin. The website describes it best:

“Put lines and wrinkles to bed for good with the ultimate anti-aging night cream. Mineral Moisture Complex (now called M.M.C.) renews your skin’s appearance with powerhouse, plant-based ingredients like whey protein and white birch extract. Packed with key vitamins, antioxidants and coenzyme Q10, this moisture-rich cream and anti-aging moisturizer works while you sleep to reverse the visible signs of aging, environmental stress and free radical damage. In clinical studies, M.M.C. was shown to improve the skin’s appearance in as little as two weeks!” – http://www.purminerals.com/MMC-Anti-Aging-Moisture-Complex

I noticed when I put this on that it made my skin slightly flush. It was bringing blood to the surface of my skin. It was slightly warm and tingly. Nothing major and as quickly as it came it was gone. I think the stimulation helps with speeding up your skin turnover on the face to help with the reduction of lines and renew the face. I was careful around my eye area. It complely absorbs into the skin like the SOAK IT UP.  The box for the product also warns about going out the sun for long periods of time while using this product. SO BEWARE! No tanning and be careful of the sun when you are using this product. And as always you should be using sunscreen on your face. Would I buy this again?… YES! In fact I bought the face wash and eye “cream”. I will be reviewing those at a later time. But for now they are awesome!! (BUDGET TIP: You can buy these at Kohl’s or Online from Kohl’s. Because this is a luxury product you cannot use your coupons on it… BUT you can earn Kohl’s cash from buying them and use that Kohl’s cash on them.)

xxxtinaPur Minerals Skincare- SOAK IT UP Intense Hydrating Moisturizer – 2oz/59.15 mil & M.M.C (Mineral Moisture Complex) Anti- Aging Moisture Complex (not pictured) – 2oz/59.15 mil